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Managers Need Skills in Data Visualization

Tools to Make Data More Understandable

Data about design, cost/benefit trades, issues and project status can be grasp more quickly when the data is presented using information visualization tools.

People more quickly understand the implications of data that is summarized in graphic form. Whether a manager needs additional resources or is trying to persuade a potential client of the benefits of his project or product, he will often do so more effectively with data.

When a manager needs to present complex relational data, recommendations supported by detailed cost/benefit analysis, or project status at a glance, information visualization tools are a great help. The audience’s understanding precedes their acceptance. Continue reading “Managers Need Skills in Data Visualization”


Databases for Small Businesses: Implementing and Using Contact Management Systems

Databases help small businesses be more organised and sell more.

This article provides a general introduction to some of the things which have to be considered.

If you store customer or enquirer details anywhere then you have a database. That means in effect that every small business has a database. But what they don’t necessarily have is the knowledge to use it effectively. Continue reading “Databases for Small Businesses: Implementing and Using Contact Management Systems”